A lovely afternoon on the lake Näsijärvi!


On Sunday (23.8.2020) after the TWF 2020, we offer a lunchtime cruise in good company, wine and of course, served lunch. At around 13:00 we will depart from the Mustalahti harbour on the M/S Intti  which most Tampere residents already know. This approximately 2-hour long cruise on the M/S Intti with its experienced captain will focus on seeing the lovely area north of Tampere, providing a relaxed and sociable opportunity for you to socialise with old acquaintances of your own or to make new ones from the other guests. Think of it as a socialising and networking opportunity even, if you want to. After having enjoyed a lunch serving (from Chef Pannee) and a 2 wine glass serving from yours truly (Viinitimo), we will be returning to the harbour of Mustalahti at around 15:00.

This is an amazing opportunity to witness the lake Näsijärvi, to witness the beauty of the surroundings of Tampere and Tampere itself on a warm Sunday in August prior to the proper fall arriving. Come one, come two, come all!



Departure from harbour at 13

Cruising on the lake Näsijärvi following the beach views for approx. 2 hours

Delicious lunch from Chef Pannee and appropriate drinks from Viinitimo

Return at around 15 to the very same harbour (Mustalahti)


Price of 40€ is inclusive of the cruise, a delicious and varied lunch as well as wine serving (2 glasses per person)

Binding registration by 14.08.2020 by calling 050 583 7735 or via email [email protected]



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