Tampere Wine Fest

With fantastic memories from Tampere Wine Fest 2018 – I am glad to announce that this year event will be even bigger!

Thank you all who did make this event possible. Thanks for hundreds of visitors.

Tampere Wine Fest 2019 will be joint event of Super Fair event in cooperation with Tampere Trade Fairs and venue will be Tampere Exhibition and Sport Center. We expect to have even more wineries and wines available for professional guests and public. This year we also welcome food producers to join.

Our selection of Master Classes will be released by the end of February. We also begin to announce and promote joining wineries one by one at the same time.

Follow our web sites and you get first details what and where is going to happen!


Tickets here

Tampere Wine Fest Olympiassa 2018
Tampere Wine Fest Olympiassa 2018