Tampere Wine Fest 2020


Pullo valoa vasten



vanhoja pulloja






Curious about wines, the end product and the process? Desire to talk to the people behind the unique wines served? This is your opportunity!

Hundreds of unique wines from over 90 wineries with over 10 different countries represented and brought to you to explore, taste and enjoy. For the more curious, conducted wine tasting sessions are also available for a more thorough exploration. Book early – limited seats.

Organiser and host, Timo Jokinen a ka Viinitimo, is a wine personality and an ex-wine judge with over 30 years of international experience and a desire to bring new wine-related experiences to Finland and has done so in the form of wine festivals, by bringing wineries to you and you to them!

Any questions in your mind – please don't hesitate to contact us!


Perjantaina 27.4. Ravintola C – teemana Sveitsi ja Domaine Chevaliers – mukana Patrick Z´Brun

Perjantaina 27.4. Ravintola LiV – teemana Basilikata ja Tenuta Iacovazzo – mukana Carlo Iacovazzo sekä sommelier Antonio Vestita

Perjantaina 27.4. Ravintola Henriks – teemana Piemonte ja Podere Ruggeri Corsini

Lauantaina 28.4. Ravintola LiV – teemana Basilikata ja Tenuta Iacovazzo