Tampere Wine Fest

With fantastic memories from Tampere Wine Fest 2018 and 2019 – I am glad to announce that even during such an abnormal year that 2020 has been, TWF 2020 will be held officially on the 21st and 22nd of August, 2020. During this time we will have a variety of wines for you to try from a large spectrum of winemakers, countries and types represented, ranging from over 16 countries with over 100 different wines offered within the premises of wine bistro Winebridge, right at the heart of Tampere, Finland.

Our mission is to bring forth a forum for wineries, wine professionals and wine importers to come together to make connections while also, especially, providing the public with the opportunity to come and make new wine acquaintances and explore outside their wine preference comfort zone.

Overall, we offer a large variety of more than 16 countries and 100 wines represented with wine importer and embassy representation for a variety of countries. In addition to wines, the representatives of embassies also will be promoting in addition to their wines some other non-grape products and services. In addition to two days open for public (21.-22.8.2020) and special Master Classes running from Thursday (20.8.) until Sunday (22.8.), we are also offering a peaceful and sociable cruise on the beautiful northern lake of Tampere, Näsijärvi. More information on the ’cruise’ tab.

Entrance for this year’s event will be split into time windows of 12-15, 15-18 and 18-21 on both Friday (21.8.) and Saturday (22.8.) to allow for sufficient spacing and comfort in making new wine acquaintances peacefully during these special and trying times. This will give 3 hours of time to quench your thirst for new wines and wineries to add to your lists for tasting in the near future.

With special thanks to you all who helped make the past events possible and such a delight, we will be holding this year’s event with a strong desire to build it up through this abnormalcy and come back next year even stronger. Yet, we hope that you find new wine acquaintances (so to speak) in our this year’s event as well! So please, you are warmly welcomed to join us!

Tickets for entrance, for wine tastings and Master Classes (separately), are sold at the location (wine bistro Winebridge, Hallituskatu 14) or then online here on our website.

Tickets here


Do keep an eye out for updates on our websites, especially on the ’wineries represented’ list as we often update it. You do not want to miss this one out!

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